By Craig Shaw Gardner

ISBN-10: 0441147798

ISBN-13: 9780441147793

Whilst a wizard is not able to healing his illness of magicks, he sends his apprentice Wuntnor to hunt reduction within the far away land of the japanese Kingdoms that are ripe with fiendish peril.

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Yeah,’ Snarks retorted. ‘And I’ve never heard you use the word metaphor, either. Better watch out. ’ ‘Doom,’ Hendrek glowered. ‘There is no such thing as a Warriors Guild. We mercenaries are all alone, forced to ply our trade without kith or kin. I am but a lone man, with a lone enchanted warclub. ’ The demon whistled. ’ Hendrek raised his club. ’ Snarks hastily took a few steps away. ‘If you are not going to abide by some of those handy diet and exercise plans I have so helpfully given you, you have to expect comments like that!

But, of course, that was before I turned the corner. THREE ON DEALING WITH WIZARDS (a fable) Once a wizard was on holiday, far from his native land. He had journeyed to a distant kingdom to see the wondrous sights, as well as witness local custom. And, on this particular day, he was on his way to see the most wondrous sight of all in this part of the world, the Grand Palace high atop Emperor’s Crag. He walked down a broad highway, curiously devoid of traffic, with tall woods to either side, and as he turned a bend in the road, caught his first distant glimpse of the palace’s golden towers.

He jabbed the magician in the ribs. ‘Of course, that means you’ll have to turn all of us into frogs, doesn’t it? Oh, I forgot. While you have the purse open, there’s one more tax you‘II have to -‘ There was a pause in the man’s conversation. ‘Ribbit, ribbit,’ the toll collector remarked at last. And the wizard was on his way, and was soon marveling at great length at the wondrous sight, proud now of all he’d learned about local custom, and reveling in the newfound silence, which was only broken at nightfalls from the direction of the lily pads.

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