By Geoffrey N. Leech

ISBN-10: 0582550130

ISBN-13: 9780582550131

Seeks to illustrate that the examine of English poetry is enriched via the insights of contemporary linguistic research, and that linguistic and demanding disciplines should not separate yet complementary. reading quite a lot of poetry, Professor Leech considers many facets of poetic type, together with the language of previous and current, inventive language, poetic licence, repetition, sound, metre, context and ambiguity.

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To this definition of SIgnificance, pracnca IIy aII deviation is significant. Consider the following three cases: [a] My aunt suffers from terrible authoritis. [bl Like you plays? [cl The Houwe [sicl of Commons. 1 ost likely to be taken The linguistic abnormalities m these exa~PteI'osnarBe umt uninten tionally, they . , 11' d cesto commUlllca . aserrors, as trrvia 1111 :an . £i . t bit of in ormatIon. e , may convey q~ll ea. (authoritis for arthritis), at least tells us someth mg example of rna apropism fi r etrator In the second exabout the education, ch,ar;~ter, et~~b~y I~~:;e;ts that its author is a forample, the ungrammatIca iry prod fE lish The third example, occure~gn~r with, a~e~~~::f~~~~~1~:::~h~ th~~rin~er has made a mistake, that a carele:s deliberately imitated for artIstIC or conuc e ecr, < :~~ga:~l:~r: ~~~ proo~-~eader, et~.

The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew The furrow followed free; , We were the first that ever burst Into that silent sea. It would take a pag~ to list the many interlocking foregrounded patterns _ metre, end-rhyme, internal rhyme, alliteration, and syntactic parallelism _ in this short passage. will cover all the diverse examples of its occurrence, inside and outside poetry. Linguistic parallelism is very often connected with rhetorical emphasis and memorability. In nursery rhymes and ballads, it affords an artless kind of pleasure in itself, and probably has and needs no further justification.

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