By Theo Elmer

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The thesis has significantly tested, either theoretically and experimentally, a unique tri-generation process inspiration - with encouraging approach functionality confirmed. The thesis establishes the numerous power of the unconventional tri-generation procedure in delivering powerful outfitted setting decarbonisation via decentralised new release; strengthening the case for a destiny hydrogen economy.

In reaction to the severe have to decarbonise the outfitted atmosphere, substitute tools for more advantageous strength utilisation have to be explored together with tri-generation structures. The thesis offers the layout, improvement and checking out of a singular proof-of-concept tri-generation procedure in response to sturdy oxide gasoline phone (SOFC) and liquid desiccant air-con know-how to supply electrical energy, heating and cooling to construction purposes. No earlier paintings has been stated on the sort of approach. The subject matter of the paintings sits in the themes of low-carbon and sustainable strength applied sciences, development prone and occasional carbon development applications.

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This is because it enhances performance through a greater dehumidification potential, removes the latent heat of condensation produced during the dehumidification process, and can provide sensible cooling to the supply air stream. Desiccant solution cooling can be achieved in a variety of ways, including; internal contactor evaporative cooling, use of an internal or external cooling fluid or external pre-cooling. The technique used is dependent on the system and its application. The contactors used in the regeneration process do not require the provision of cooling, but employ an external heating source.

Compared to a stand-alone (evaporative) system, the hybrid VCS is much more capital intensive and has a higher electrical demand (Mei and Dai 2008). 7, has been investigated by Dai et al. (2001). The system employs a honeycomb packed bed liquid desiccant dehumidifier, external evaporative coolers and a VCS. The supply air sensible and latent loads are separated. First, the latent load is addressed in the dehumidifier, and then two stages of sensible supply air cooling are carried out, first in the evaporative cooler and then the VCS.

Analysis of total energy system based on solid oxide fuel cell for combined cooling and power applications. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 35(7): 2703–2707. 1 Introduction This chapter presents a detailed and comprehensive review of the literature relating to the proposed SOFC liquid desiccant tri-generation system. 6. The aim of the review is to (1) highlight the current research gap regarding a SOFC liquid desiccant tri-generation system, (2) demonstrate the feasibility of the development of such a system, and (3) provide a comprehensive background study on the state of the art of the technology used.

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