By Richard Gerber

ISBN-10: 0060959371

ISBN-13: 9780060959371

Publish yr note: First released January 2001

At the sunrise of the twenty first century, the outdated paradigms of drugs have all started to disintegrate. We now not think that bodies are machines with elements that put on down, in basic terms to be braced up through medicines or changed via surgical procedure. in its place, increasingly more pioneering researchers embody a brand new view of therapeutic -- one expounded by means of Dr. Richard Gerber in his groundbreaking best--seller, Vibrational Medicine.

Now he exhibits how you can placed this new frame of mind into functional use, describing the function of recognition and "thought forms," in addition to the advantages of homoeopathy, acupuncture, color and lightweight therapeutic, magnetobiology, and different treatments.

A often expert general practitioner, Dr. Gerber combines clinical facts with conventional tools from the East and West to free up our power for therapeutic ourselves.

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It is now firmly established that a central nervous system dysfunction is primarily responsible for the increased pain sensitivity of fibromyalgia. In the mid 1980s, A. F i s c h e r produced a pressure algometer that provided a method for measuring the sensitivity of myofascial TrPs and of fibromyalgia tender points. An important milestone of progress was reached by Hubbard and Berkoff in 1993 when they convincingly reported needle EMG activity characteristic of myofascial TrPs. Weeks and Travell had illustrated the phenomenon 36 years earlier.

The presence of local tenderness at these apparently normal-muscle sites is more likely in subjects who are suffering from TrP pain and is to be expected in patients with fibromyalgia. Hong, et al. found that referred pain could be elicited from every active TrP site, but from only 4 7 % of the latent TrP sites. Stated another way, it took less pressure to elicit referred pain from an active TrP than from a latent TrP. 01) at active TrPs than at latent TrPs. The more irritable the TrP, the lower its pain threshold.

Pressure algometry involves induction of a specific pain level in response to a measured force applied perpendicularly to the skin. Three endpoints are reported: the on283 284 27 set of local pain (pressure pain threshold), the onset of referred pain (referred pain threshold), and intolerable pressure (pain tolerance). Most commonly, the pressure required to reach pain threshold is measured directly from a spring scale calibrated in kilograms, Newtons, or pounds. Since the pressure is applied through a circular foot plate, its diameter is a factor and the actual measurement being made is stress (Kg/cm ) applied to skin.

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