By Patrick Yu Shuk-siu

ISBN-10: 9622095240

ISBN-13: 9789622095243

This e-book talks in regards to the description of the original situations lower than which the writer, as a matriculation pupil, was once presented a central authority scholarship to go into the college of Hong Kong in 1938, and comprises a correct separate account of 8 real complaints dealt with through the writer as Defence Counsel.

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There were neither any books to read nor other undertakings to keep myself usefully occupied. My two younger sisters Winnie and Rosalind were then respectively twelve and ten years old. For a while, we tried our hand at raising chickens. It gave us no end of satisfaction for the first couple of weeks just watching our chickens grow. Then suddenly disaster struck. It broke our hearts to see them all dying of malaria one by one in rapid succession. There was nothing we could do to save them. The only comforting thought was that their death at least spared us the pain of otherwise having in due course either to kill them for food, or part with them to total strangers for money.

This was the first bit of welcome news for the incarcerated Hong Kong population. Almost immediately those who could depart forthwith did so. Others made the necessary preparations before following suit. Soon hundreds and thousands left by the day, and in the course of time many more followed. From day to day we heard only of relatives and friends having departed, just about to leave, or planning to go. This mass exodus continued for a very long time, until, at the end of the war, there were less than half a million people remaining in Hong Kong.

When I asked what she meant, she simply took out my algebra paper and showed it to me. I had written across the face of the otherwise blank sheet nothing other than the words 'I have failed my Chinese essay paper' no less than six times. Naturally I told her my side of the story. She said she had guessed as much. She revealed that after due consideration she felt convinced that what had happened reflected sheer dejection on my part as a result of an unfortunate accident, and not incompetence as far as algebra was concerned.

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