By Patricia White

ISBN-10: 0759902836

ISBN-13: 9780759902831

Jane Murdock does not think in magic, wizards, or the other issues arcane, yet that does not cease her from operating afoul a wizard and feeling the complete brunt of the previous adage: Hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned. Will, an untried wizard, is just attempting to take wizard-order brides again to his domestic international whilst he, too, reveals hassle can put on a gorgeous face. the difficulty might be very undesirable, for him and the brides, specifically whilst the gorgeous face belongs to the evil, love-struck wizard Cordelia, who has been scorned by means of unicorn rancher, Max Farrel. Cursed and compelled to wander the worlds as an excellent silvery-eyed cat, Sojourner was a guy and a wizard, yet he can by no means regain his human form until eventually he unearths That Which used to be misplaced.

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I cannot see clearly, but, yes, this much I know: the off-world brides have a place in what must be. One of them is terribly important. How that can be, I know not. " Laying his massive head on his forepaws, he closed his silvery eyes. Sorrow was heavy around him, but Sojourner was a cat. That, too, was his eternal bane. Grief was a raw and bleeding wound in his soul, but cats do not weep. They cannot. "I know not the outcome, young wizard," he said softly," but whether it be for good or ill, this bride fetching must be done and very soon.

Your women. I neither need nor want babies, a husband, or whatever else you're pretending to peddle to complete my life. "I am here to tell you that if you don't quit whatever it is you are doing with Maggie and the rest of these young women, I am going to the police. " Consternation, mixed with what too closely resembled pity, was written plainly on his young face, giving him an almost comic look. Will took a step back, then two more, stopping when the outer edge of a small, dusty piecrust table, its top fairly covered with burning candles, touched his thigh.

Except this one had a small window high in one wall. It let in a pale shaft of daylight to fall across a man. His face hidden by his arm, he lay sprawled on the soiled and spotted, black-and-white striped mattress that covered a truly saggy bed. One that had clearly seen too much use, most of it unkind and unclean. She couldn't tell for sure, but, as far as Jane could deduce, the sprawled figure had to be Will. This man was wearing the same cowboy regalia, even if it was slightly the worse for wear, that Will had worn when she had seen him in the New York brownstone.

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