By Val Hopwood PhD FCSP Dip Ac Nanjing

ISBN-10: 0750653280

ISBN-13: 9780750653282

This ebook permits readers to increase their perform through expanding their figuring out of acupuncture and indicating the place and the way it is going to profit their sufferers. not like many imprecise acupuncture texts, this ebook makes the assimilation of data of chinese and clinical philosophies effortless.

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The acupuncture treatment of xerostomia, or lack of saliva, has been investigated by List et al (1998). Electroacupuncture proved to be a successful treatment modality for this relatively rare condition, although the authors noted that the tissue in the salivary glands needed to be viable. Unfortunately, some cytotoxic drugs can induce xerostomia artificially. 3 Types of saliva Xian Tuo Watery in nature Fluid of the Spleen Spleen opens to the mouth Spleen Qi Xu leads to drooling Dry mouth results from Spleen Yin Xu, which in turn could be caused by Stomach or Heart Fire Mucoid in nature Fluid of the Kidneys Produced from beneath the tongue; the internal branch of the Kidney channel runs to the base of the tongue qi, blood and body fluids 31 Mucus Nasal mucus is said to be the fluid of the Lungs.

Nonetheless, when used to define treatment protocols, the observations made in the past still appear quite valid. Many of these ideas originated in a martial society and the metaphors for function and control tend to sound like elements of campaign. Each organ will be described in turn and the links to the others discussed. Disease patterns generally involve more than one organ at a time. The primary focus may be identifiable from the associated symptoms, but, unless the practitioner has a good working knowledge of all the Zang Fu characteristics and connections, the secondary foci and possibly the origins of the problem may be hard to determine.

Damp invasion Damp invasion is characterized by soreness and swelling in the muscles and joints with a feeling of heaviness and numbness in the limbs. It is worse in damp weather. It generally has a slow onset. It is sometimes referred to as Fixed Bi, because it is very localized. Where Wandering or Wind Bi tends to affect the upper part of the body, this tends to sink to the lowest level as liquid would. There is a feeling of heaviness, tiredness and inertia in the limbs, and the affected parts are often swollen.

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