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In line with regularly occurring circuit conception and easy physics, this e-book serves as a useful reference for either analog and electronic engineers alike. when you paintings with analog RF, this e-book is a must have source. With desktops and networking apparatus of the twenty first century working at such excessive frequencies, it really is now an important for electronic designers to appreciate electromagnetic fields, radiation and transmission strains.

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As is already known, present power supply devices utilize the difference (gradient) between two energy levels. g. into electricity). But the operation of telekinetic power-stations does not require differences in energy levels. e. into electricity). Therefore the use of these new devices does not depend on the availability of any external energy supply, such as fuel, wind, water flow, muscle power, electricity, etc. The discovery that the Telekinetic Effect represents a reversal of friction, and subsequent discovery of the technological ways of activating this effect, provide the theoretical foundation for the building of telekinetic power-stations.

G. g. pumps and hydraulic motors reflects the symmetry in the operation of technical devices. One of the vital implications of the DeBroglie's symmetry, which has a direct bearing on the content of this monograph, is the postulate that "every phenomenon must have a corresponding counter-phenomenon". So far a large number of phenomena and corresponding counter-phenomena have been discovered which confirm the correctness of this postulate. For example, the existence of electrical luminescence utilized in electric bulbs to transform electricity into light has a counter-phenomenon in the form of the photoelectric effect that transforms light into electricity.

These are: (1) the electrostatic induction of charges on electrodes of the front disc, (2) the electrostatic induction of charges on electrodes of the back disc, (3) the self-sustaining of the continuous rotation of discs, (4) the replenishment of electrostatic charges, and (5) the telekinetic compensation of losses by friction. Each one of these principles is explained separately below. 1. The electrostatic induction of charges on electrodes of the front disc (d') - see part (a) of Figure B10.

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