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80%) lines were intermediate types (O). 24%) were intermediate types. In the two countries, 1,013 and 836 lines, respectively, were identified as tropical japonicas. 24 Advances in rice genetics Identifying WC lines based on the Amp-3 marker To identify the WC lines based on the Amp-32 marker, the same data were used. 22%), respectively, consisted of allele 2 of Amp-3. Hence, these 1,327 lines could be marked as widely compatible tropical japonicas and could be used in a new plant type hybrid rice breeding program.

0 t ha–1 or more over the highest-yielding variety in national tests in one or more locations. Of these 50, as many as 36 restorers appeared in the same group during both years of testing, indicating 72% reproducibility. 8%, respectively. These findings, based on 2-y data, were similar to our earlier observations (Vijayakumar et al 1999). A careful look at the hybrid evaluation data further revealed that most of the hybrids that exhibited heterosis in many test locations or over years had restorers from the medium group.

In contrast to the reports of its simple and monogenic inheritance, the trait is complexly inherited. Hybrids of TGMS line UPRI 95-140TGMS with 44 normal male fertile lines offered evidence that the genetic background modified the segregation ratios and at least three pairs of major genes were involved in TGMS expression. Detailed studies showed that most of the monogenic (3F, fertile:1S, sterile) and digenic (15F:1S) segregation ratios could be resolved into 12 fertile:3 partially sterile:1 completely 20 Advances in rice genetics sterile, whereas some of the digenic segregations were resolved into a 60F:3PS:1CS ratio.

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