By Jaye Roycraft

ISBN-10: 1893896749

ISBN-13: 9781893896741

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Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)

Starring the Dragons Of The Aisling gray, parent Novels Gabriel Tauhou, wyvern of the silver dragons, has discovered the only girl who can stand up to his fireplace. Too undesirable may possibly Northcott is already certain to a demon lord. but if the demon orders may well to scouse borrow one in all Gabriel’s treasures—an immensely very important relic of all dragonkin— Gabriel has to come to a decision which to guard: his love or his dragons.

Direct Descent

Earth has develop into a library planet for millions of years, a bastion of either worthwhile and dead knowledge—esoterica of all kinds, background, technology, politics—gathered by way of groups of “pack rats” who scour the galaxy for any scrap of knowledge. wisdom is energy, wisdom is wealth, and information could be a weapon.

Black Dust Mambo

FIRST IN a brand new sequence! “There could be instances, woman, while all of your magic ain’t going to be sufficient, occasions while it is going to appear to dry up like dust less than the noonday sunlight, or perhaps make issues worse. . . . ” Kallie Rivi? re, a fiery Cajun hoodoo apprentice with a expertise for difficulty, reveals herself smack-dab in the course of a kind of instances her mentor warned her approximately while she visits New Orleans to wait the Hecatean Alliance’s annual carnival: her hard-bodied conjurer hookup finally ends up lifeless in her blood-drenched mattress.

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There was no point in denying anything. As he said, it was all documented. “No. When I saw you in my bedroom I knew almost immediately what you are. But the legends aren’t as strong here as they are in Europe. Even if they were, I’m not an active part of the local Roma community. After my father gave up his career, he moved himself and my mother to France. When he was killed, my mother sold all his belongings, brought me here, and saw that I went to school. She wanted a better life for me than she had had.

Drago himself reversed his own finding. ” This can’t be happening. It was the nightmare all over again, but worse this time because she had dared to hope. ” She ran into her bedroom and grabbed the card she had stared at over and over the past four days. Marya held the card out to the vampire. “See? It’s Drago’s card. ’” He took the card and looked at it, flipping it over to see both sides. “It does indeed. Well, no one ever said Drago wasn’t ruthless. Or eccentric. Typical of him, if you ask me.

He was glad he was on his way to his chateau outside Paris for a short vacation. He would relax, feast well, and think no more on black-haired beauties with tainted blood who spoke with an eloquence beyond their years. *** Disbelief kept Marya awake for hours after Drago left. She stared at the white card over and over, afraid she was dreaming or hallucinating. Each time she looked at the word on the card she expected to see DEATH staring back at her in a mocking scrawl, but LIFE was all she saw.

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